“Madness I tell you… pure utter MADNESS!!!”

We dare you enter into its walls of horror? A haunted house consumed with pure evil… a place full of gruesome monstrosities… A place we call Monsters and Madness. We’ve all heard stories of crazy mad scientists, their evil experiments and the monsters they created. But have you heard the scariest of them all, the story of Dr. Fright?

The horror started in Europe during the war. A military General was losing the war and demanded that one of his scientists, Dr. Ver Shrecken (in english his name translates to Dr. Fright), put one of his experimental projects into action. Dr. Ver Shrecken was infatuated with performing unspeakable experiments to bring back dead soldiers, even if they were missing body parts. He would attach animal parts for the human ones that were missing! Not only did the General demand the soldiers be brought back to life, he demanded the doctor make them stronger and more powerful.

In short time the soldiers that were forced to work at the Doctor’s secret compound feared going there. They were forced to dig up their dead comrades and deliver them to the compound, to find weeks later they were now alive, barely recognizable and turned into horrific monsters. Not fully human, or animal and hooked up to machines which kept them alive. They were subjected to large amounts of electrical shock. So much electricity was being pumped into his lab that the local towns would lose power.

Dr. Ver Shrecken never had a chance to deploy his undead army because the War ended and in the confusion of surrender, he escaped Europe and was never captured. It is believed he fled all the way across the United States to continue his experiments with his loyal assistants in what is now Frightmare Castle in the Tri-Cities area of Washington.

Welcome to the Season of the Witch!

Long ago, our ancestors were so afraid of witches that they rounded up as many as they could find and burned them at the stake. They had no idea this would forever curse our fate. Since then, witches have committed to exacting their revenge and deliver their retribution. Their curses are at their strongest around Halloween because the veil between the living and dead is so thin!

They arrive in hoards at a place as evil and sinister as them. One after another they gather in a place they call Wicked Hollow. Look to the sky at night and you can see them in flight under the eerie moonlight. Listen closely you’ll hear their evil laughs and cackles, excited to put their victims in shackles.

Witches so evil, wicked and filled with hate the devil himself won’t let them through his burning gate! The Witches gather and dance, casting spells and screaming chants. Spells on pumpkins bringing them to life, enticing the young and old alike. Some spells cast making this night possibly your last. Spells cast on all who love to Trick or Treat causing you to eat, eat, eat all your treats… for witches prefer human meat to taste very sweet.

They gather around a large boiling cauldron taking turns mixing their potions and lotions. Potions that bring motion and life to monsters, Scarecrows and vampires. The creatures of the night like their spiders, bats and especially black cats. Not all Witches wear pointy hats, but they all love boiling human fat. They boil it down and rub it on their broomsticks. It’s a special potion for flight during the Harvest moon light. These witches are mean and nasty. They enjoy scaring you till your bones rattle, making you do horrific things while they sit back and cackle.

Will you make it through all the witches spells of evil? Nobody knows what’s to follow the horrors of Wicked Hollow

We are excited to offer timed ticketing!

Unlike other Haunts, you don’t have to wait in line for hours. When you purchase your tickets you will have a spot saved in line for you so you can enjoy dinner at our food trucks, win games in our arcade, and take photos with your friends in our Photo Op areas!

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