Frightmare Haunted Attractions are amazing, high-end haunted houses built with the intention of giving customers an amazing experience. We create epic stories and build worlds that transport you into these stories. They are exciting, terrifying and a whole lot of fun!

This year, Frightmare Haunted Attractions are debuting two brand new haunted houses called, Monsters & Madness and Wicked Hollow. Monsters & Madness will bring you deep into the guts of Frightmare Castle, where the escaped mad scientist Dr. Ver Shrecken’s (in English his name translates to Dr. Fright) obsession with bringing people back from the dead has created a madhouse of monsters and madness! Are you brave enough to enter his Castle…and if you do, will you make it out alive?!

When you enter Wicked Hollow, you will be brought into the creepiest, scariest and craziest Coven of witches! This Coven has had it out for humans for hundreds of years because of the terrors inflicted onto them generations ago! As you walk into their home and down into their basement your senses will be wrecked and distorted, you had better stay close to your friends of you may get stuck in Wicked Hollow and end up as one of their scarecrows perched high up on their fences to keep nosy people away!

Buy your tickets today to see if you are brave enough to survive this Frightmare!