Because people’s taste for terror is so individual, we have chosen to offer two separate time slots for you to choose from!
“NOT AS SCARY” DAY EXPERIENCE times are where our haunted houses are toned down to be less scary.
“EXTREME FRIGHT” NIGHT EXPERIENCE times are where our haunted houses are turned up to full tilt scare factor!

“EXTREME FRIGHT” NIGHT EXPERIENCE (similar to an R rated movie): 
During our “Extreme Fright” Night Experience times, you can expect the fear level to be turned all the way up! You can expect jump scares, strobe lights, gore, loud music and sound effects, and the full experience of terror you would expect to see in a Rated R movie.
*Children under 13 are NOT PERMITTED to enter during the Extreme Fright time slots. We care about their experience, and don’t want them to be afraid to ever go through a haunted house after that. We recommend parents with children go to the Friendly Fright, or Kids Day. *No refunds are issued once you enter the Frightmare Haunted Attractions.

“NOT AS SCARY” DAY EXPERIENCE (similar to a PG13 rated movies):
During our “Not As Scary” Day Experience times you can expect the fear level to be tamed down and not as scary and graphic. The props, animatronics, actors, monsters and scenes during these times are still meant to be scary which makes it suitable for older children and teenagers but may still frighten children and some teenagers. It is left to the parent or guardian’s discretion whether they feel it is appropriate for their children. We do not recommend children under 10 be brought into the “NOT AS SCARY” DAY EXPERIENCE, and no children who require being held are permitted into the Haunts at any time.
*No refunds are issued once you enter the Frightmare Haunted Attractions.

Kids Day (similar to G rated movies):
We are excited to host Kids Day at the Frightmare Haunted Attractions this year! Kids Day is Saturday, October 29th from 11:30am-3:30pm. The haunts will be open for your little ghouls and goblins to walk through and our actors will be dressed up as superheroes and other kid-friendly costumes. As the kids walk through the haunts our actors and volunteers will hand out candy, so be sure the little devils bring something to hold their treats in!
*ALL scary props, scenes, and scares will be covered up during Kids Day*